Healthy Food Stamps: A New Concept?


Can we do something to address the obesity/diabesity epidemic in the U.S.? Maybe. The government has a way of promoting the very foods that help contribute to the problem. How about helping to contribute to healthy foods for a change? Interesting article. Could it work? Too bad, Coca Cola.

One thought on “Healthy Food Stamps: A New Concept?

  1. This is an interesting concept as this seems quite an easy fix. I read through the comments and the two main objections seem to be “what about food deserts”, and “we need to fix the bigger problem of USDA subsidies to agribiz for growing commodity foods used to make junk”. e.g. “big corn”.
    As for the food desserts, even if you don’t have access to fresh fruits and veggies you can still get canned or frozen, which is far superior to sugary snacks.
    As for USDA . I agree with fixing subsidies too, but that will be a bigger battle because of the lobbying power of agribiz. Some tweaks to what is allowed in SNAP seems more doable.
    What constitutes optimum diet is controversial, so I’d vote for just excluding what everybody agrees on- things like sugary drinks, snacks, and kids cereals


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